Japan Medical Device Market Development

The Japanese Medical, Healthcare, and Personal Healthcare market is the second largest in the world, and opportunities for overseas companies to enter continue to expand. Canadian, US, and European companies should be focussing on Japan as a top priority market. Japan is a wealthy country with extremely demanding users and sophisticated consumers. Even in the highly regulated medical device arena, approvals in Japan are among the fastest in the world, and reimbursement regimes are predictable and transparent. 






Success in the Japanese Market is based on sustained trust and ongoing contact and communication with the right people in the right organizations. The right "Know How" and "Know Who" make for sustainable success.  



Parkdale Group is a market entry implementation and management organization based in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is one of the key centres of innovation in Japan. Our location gives us an edge: putting us close to the high tech, academic, and manufacturing centres of Western Japan, while enjoying easy access to Tokyo and the whole country.  We bring together a unique group of the most experienced and successful business people to help you develop your business and organization in Japan. We have first-hand experience and expertise in technology importation, medical device approvals, sales channel development, business operations, sales, and marketing.