HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS-Digitization of Japan's Healthcare

Japan is on the cusp of a revolution in digitization of its healthcare system. Regulations are changing quickly to bring the Japan up to date with SaaS based systems which allow for collaboration between a wide variety of healthcare providers, university hospitals, National Medical Centers, Registries, Insurance providers and government agencies. 


As of 2024, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) use in Japan varies widely based on the size of medical instituion. More than 50% of small offices and clinics do not have an EMR system im place. Large hospitals typically have on-premis server-based systems, which are expensive to maintain, and carry a cyber security risk. 

Patient Reported Outcomes:

Huge opportunities in digitization of Patient Reported Outcomes exist. We are working towards identifying and commercializing well developed and thoroughly tested systems to bring to Japan. Contact us for more information.