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Happy New Year in 2022.

Parkdale Group looks forward to helping you succeed in Japan.

We are Japan Market Expansion Experts in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Healthcare Technologies.

Japan Market Entry

Market Development

Reaching the market in Japan requires a well managed distribution chain. Parkdale Group helps arrange the best distribution system for your device or service.

Business Management

To build a substantial business in Japan, you need to have your own operation and people working for you on the ground. Parkdale Group Inc. can put this together for you.

Regulatory Strategy

Regulatory Hurdles can be most time consuming and trickiest facet of entry to the Japanese market. Parkdale Group has access to a vast network of experts to help with your specific needs.

Medical Tech Market Development

Finding the right partners in Japan requires not only insight, but connections with the right people, institutions, and companies. Parkdale Group is highly networked in industry, academia, and government so that we can help you make the right connections for your technology.

PMDA Meeting Service

Parkdale Group Inc works with our partners in Japan to offer a unique PMDA meeting service. Find out for sure what your requirements are with a reasonable investment before going ahead with a PMDA application.

Representation and Company Formation

Parkdale Group can represent you at industry events and even set up a company for you in Japan, making you a real presence in the market.

Parkdale Group Inc.

Japan Market Expansion Experts

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About Parkdale Group Inc.

Expertise and Experience

Parkdale Group Inc. is a Japanese company based in Kyoto. We are a highly networked group of professionals with decades of successful experience in Japan and Asia. We work on fundable projects with companies world-wide. Send your name and inquiry to