Digitization of Healthcare in Japan -- the time is now- 2023

Visitors to Japan are often amazed at the applications of IT and other information technologies in Japan, particularly in transport and in the restaurant industry.  

What visitors, hopefully,  don't see is that much of the Japanese healthcare system is behind the curve in digitization.  In particular, systems for collecting patient post treatment data, reporting to registries, distributed clinical trials, and sharing of individual medical records between care giving institutions, and cloud-based solutions for these, are important opportunities for Japan. 

The healthcare systems unique structure and funding formula are keys to delivering the finest healthcare in the world, but as the population ages, there are greater needs for data sharing, easier collection, and realizing cost efficiencies. 

Companies from overseas with proven technologies healthcare digitization have an important contribution to make in Japan.

Parkdale Group Inc. works with leaders in digitization in Japan, and can help you find and work with the most important players in the Japanese market.

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Parkdale Group Inc. May 2023

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